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September 11, 2015 – What’s For Dinner

By all means, I do not wish to take away from the historical significance of this day by posting something that has absolutely nothing to do with what happened 14 years ago.  I will never forget the lives lost nor the heroic acts of the men and women in law enforcement and firefighting who saved lives and worked tirelessly to deal with the situation as best they could.  The evil that was thrown into the faces of US citizens on that day is abominable and intolerable.  I pity anyone who would commit such atrocities towards us.  Never the less, I don’t want to focus on those things with this blog.  So without throwing disrespect to anyone who is suffering on this day, I am posting a new update on my own progress on the RM3 program that I am on.  I pray for all of those who suffer and are mourning today.

On another note, the HCG web site I mentioned in the video (I say it wrong for some reason) is located at

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