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I Did A Happy Dance In My Mind

Today is Monday, October 5, 2015. It is my self-designated weigh day as well as the day I get my RM3 shots. It is also the day I just about nearly did a happy dance right there in the Swan Road office of Tucson Medical Weight Loss. This particular day I learned that I have officially broken through what I call the “300 Pound Barrier”. My weigh-in showed my weekly weight reduction at over seven pounds! That’s the largest single-week shedding I have experienced since the beginning of my RM3 program back in the last week of July. I am now under 300 pounds, with a weigh in at 297. That’s only 0.4 pound from a full 60 pounds liberated from my body!

I can say that I am feeling very good about things, right now. Health-wise, I can literally feel my body changing. I feel differently than I did before I began this adventure. I recall specifically how I felt at a family camping trip to Show Low back in early July. I was miserable. It hurt to walk. I hated going up and down the hills and rocks and all that just to get to the lakes. It was awful just walking to the main building of our camp ground to use the showers because my feet and knees hurt so much. I felt terrible that I couldn’t join my kids and parents on the several bike rides on which they embarked. I was grouchy and irritable the whole time and I feel like I may have been on the verge of ruining the trip – if not actually ruining it – for my wife and kids.

I have a desire to go again, now that I’m feeling so much better.

I feel that my body is reacting very well to the changes. My knees don’t hurt. My feet haven’t hurt for over a month. I’m able to scale stairs with ease (though it’s still an exertion). I want to go on that camping trip again, so that I can interact better with my family and not be such a jerk. I look forward to the camping trip I’ll be taking with them later this month when we go to Lake Havasu City for Braden’s Mountain Bike Team’s race. I can’t wait to be a part of that.

I’m also looking forward to removing another 60 pounds of useless flesh.

If you’re struggling with weight issues, I urge you to stop putting it off. If your efforts are not proving fruitful, then look at other solutions. I never would have thought I’d go the medical weight loss route, but it just came to a point for me where nothing I was doing on my own was working or sticking. Above all else, I wanted to avoid a surgical answer. Tucson Medical Weight Loss provided a solution that was workable. They can help you, as well. I also recognize that not everyone can afford this program, or is TMWL an option due to distance or other factors. But consider a medical weight loss option. For those in Sierra Vista, I can also recommend Active Weight Loss Center. It’s located at 2123 S. Hwy. 92 in Sierra Vista, adjacent to Smith Chiropractic. You can contact them at 520-678-5601.

Something that I also highly recommend is hunting down your local Overeater’s Anonymous group. Their organization is completely free of charge and – as the name implies – completely anonymous. They can help you with the underlying psychological issues of your weight problems (assuming they exist). Not everyone has psychological problems to work through; sometimes weight gain isn’t due to overeating, but just biological reasons. Tucson Medical Weight Loss and Active Weight Loss Center can help you determine that. But OA is a great place to go to surround yourself with people who are also battling the same war you are. Please check them out.


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