And Then There Was A Whoosh!

So two weeks ago I had experienced my first plateau on this program. The following week I had restarted working towards my goal of shedding the pounds by removing about 4.5 pounds from my body. This week I’m happy to report what I am officially calling a whoosh! A total removal of 7.4 pounds! This puts my total progress at 71.8 pounds shed since starting on the RM3 program from Tucson Medical Weight Loss 13 weeks ago. This is far better than I was hoping for. I would have been happy to see 289 on that scale. To see 284.8 was exciting and encouraging to say the least. WHOOSH!

Today’s video is much longer than usual, mainly because I want to start talking about other aspects of getting healthy; mental health and spiritual health. I will let my comments in the video speak for themselves, but for the most part, to sum up, I believe that these two other points of getting healthy are just as important to a person’s overall healthy as getting physically healthy. They all tie in. And when I say “mental health”, I’m talking more along the lines of depression, poor self-esteem, and lack of self respect. Not things that are what I would classify as more “brain development” related such as Autism (please forgive me if my understanding of these conditions is grossly off base). I think that being overweight as I was/am can easily lead to a poor state of mental health, and can also cause a decline in one’s spiritual health. Similarly, a person who is overtly depressed may develop unhealthy habits in the area of physical health. Like I said, they can all tie in.

I am not a medical practitioner or trained psychologist. So anything that I say along the lines of mental health are going to be strictly based off of my observations of what happens to me and how I can better change my own mental health. I will not try to make any diagnoses that are expected to be correct for everyone. My hope is that I can help others have a starting point for finding solutions for their own issues.

From a spiritual perspective, I fully believe that our society is hurting for God’s influence in our lives.  As I state in the video, I can see a correlation between the decline of keeping God involved in our communities and the rise in violent crimes.  I think we have made this bed by kicking God out, and now when we lie in it we are wondering why things are so horrible.  God is a huge influence in the way our lives work.  And if we take him out, then we must accept that our lives are going to go south.  The best way to allow God back into our communities is to allow him into our personal lives.  So you can expect to see me start posting videos that quote scripture and profess my own beliefs and understandings about how God works in my own life and how he has helped me in my journey.  If discussions of God, quotations from scripture and religious preachings (for lack of a better word) bother you, then maybe you don’t want to continue watching these videos?  But maybe you should.


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