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You Gotta Have The Right Mindset

My vlog post for today isn’t anything real specific.  But I wanted to focus on something that came up during my conversation with my practitioner during my visit at Tucson Medical Weight Loss today.  And that is the concept of mindset.  I talked a little bit about how I am noticing a change in my overall perceptions of my life, and how not only do I feel the changes happening to me on a physical level but also in the way I think about myself and my future.

If this concept makes any sense, then I’m glad.  Because honestly I don’t really know how to voice what I’m visualizing is happening to me.  But to draw up a cliche’, I feel like there’s always been a thinner version of me waddling around this world in the fat version of me.  And the fat version of me had a way of overriding any thoughts and actions that the thing version of me would execute.  Now that the thin version of me is not just allowing the fat version to walk all over him, his voice is being heard inside my head.  His thoughts and actions are taking hold.  For example, I can visualize myself as a person who is physically fit and strong.  I can envision that this program I’m on to get healthy will take hold and thoughts of living a healthy lifestyle will naturally start to permeate my thinking.  I’m very enthusiastic about my progress and where it’s leading.  And I see a light at the end of this long tunnel that fills me with encouragement.

I believe that positive thinking is the most important aspect of any journey to get healthy.  My practitioner mentioned that a lot of patients complain, that this program is too hard and they’ll never make it.

And they’re right.

One of my most favorite quotes in the universe comes from Henry Ford, when he said, “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, either way you are right.”  Or something like that.  I feel that this is true for anything that we want to accomplish.  If we think that a goal is too far from our reach, then we’re right.  By that very thinking, we are setting ourselves up for failure.  And if we think opposite – that no matter what we will attain our goal – then we will win.  It may take some time, but we’ll make it.  As long as we’re focused and passionate about the goal, we will be successful.  Whether in business, in education, in our work, our families, our relationship, and even in our endeavors to get healthy.  If you have a mentality that this is too hard, that you can’t make it, that you will not succeed, then you will not succeed!  But turn those thoughts around, become passionate about your goals and make a consistent and concerted effort, and believe that you will succeed and you will succeed!

There are many books out there on the power and effectiveness of positive thinking.  My personal recommendations are two books by an author named Leslie Householder.  I encourage you to visit her web site and read her books, The Jackrabbit Factor and Portal to Genius, available at this link (note that the eBook for The Jackrabbit Factor is free).  These books profoundly changed my life in the way I look at attaining my goals.  I can’t say that I have applied the principles taught in these books to all of my goals, but I know they work because when I do apply the principles I get the results I’m looking for.  And I believe they can help you as well.  They apply all too well to achieving goals for getting healthy.

I hope this has helped.  I expect to make another video later that goes over these concepts in more detail.  Again, feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything that I have talked about on this vlog.  I’d love to chat and help you attain your goals of getting healthy.


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