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Another Plateau – Trying To Get Over It

So today was another weigh day for me, and to my chagrin I found that I had shed less than a pound for this past week.  I was actually kind of afraid I might see that type of result.  Maybe by having that thought, I brought upon myself the plateau I seem to be experiencing.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.  I understand that I should expect this kind of thing with removing excess weight, but it still makes it a bit of an emotional speed bump when it happens.  I was hoping to see myself in the upper 260’s.  I’m close.

There are a number of reasons my body could be taking this momentary break from losing weight.  I might have accidentally increased my salt content.  I’m not a big supporter of this theory, though.  While I do put salt on my cooked veggies at dinner, last night I actually didn’t put enough on them.  I’m pretty sure that I did not over do it on the salt.  Another possibility – and one I’m more inclined to subscribe to – is that my body is simply taking a break from dumping the weight.

Let’s face it, I have had a huge amount of weight taken off in the past 17 weeks.  I have liberated myself from 85 pounds of useless fat.  There are members of my own family who don’t weight that much!  I have shed more weight than any one of my kids weigh, with the exception of my two oldest.  So I have to remind myself that my body did an impressive thing!  So a great big THANK YOU to my body for that impressive action!  Yeah, you deserve a break!  Rest up, buddy.

Just…not too long, okay?  I kind of have an agenda, here.

So the other topic I discuss in the video is the fact that, hey we got a season of holidays coming up.  And one thing we Americans – or more approriately we humans – like to do on holidays is eat.  Food.  Lots of it.  Thanksgiving is just a few short days away.  So what am I going to do about being surrounded by all of that food while I’m on this journey to get healthy?

I’m not going to worry about it.

More accurately, I’m not going to stress over it.  I’m going to worry about it, and by “worry” I mean “be cautious.”  I’m going to let myself enjoy my time with my family and allow myself to eat some foods that I wouldn’t normally eat.  After consulting with my practitioner at Tucson Medical Weight Loss, we have determined that for one day, I won’t derail my efforts very much if I partake of foods that I’m not supposed to on Phase 1 of the RM3 program.  I may gain a little bit, but I will probably just as quickly take it off as long as I go right back on the protocol.  She stressed portion control over avoidance of specifics such as fats and carbs.

So that’s what I’m going to do.  I will allow myself to partake in some of the more traditional foods we’ll have at our dinner table on that day.  I will allow some potatoes to grace my palette.  I will allow a little turkey on my plate.  I will allow my sister’s famous broccoli cheese bake to reside for a tiny bit on my fork.  I may even allow my taste buds to sample some pecan pie (my favorite).  I will be judicious in how much actually gets into my belly.

I will not abandon my goals.

My advice to everyone is this; don’t deny yourself that which you love all the time.  You can indulge once in a while.  It is my belief that denying yourself what you love at all times is one of the things that leads to failure for so many people who are on this journey.  I have read many books on this topic that suggest the same thing.  So don’t deny yourself, but be judicious.  Be careful.  Have some self control and don’t binge.

We’ll see how easy it is for me to follow my own advice this Thursday.


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