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It’s Okay To Eat On Thanksgiving, And Other Thoughts

I wanted to post a couple of thoughts about Thanksgiving, and make some comments on a few things that people have said to me on the day after.  I’m not going to type a lot here, as I think the video does a better job.  Plus my fingers are very cold right now and it’s hard to type.

First, I want to say this about Thanksgiving.  For those of us who are taking measures to reduce our weight, don’t stress about eating on Thanksgiving.  It’s okay to eat what you like on this day.  The Thanksgiving feast is part of giving thanks for what we have.  I don’t believe that gorging ourselves is okay, though.  Eat what you want, in moderation.  Take it easy, but don’t put yourself through the guilt ringer for eating what’s not on your program.  I didn’t.  I allowed myself to partake in the turkey, potatoes, gravy, ham, rice and sausage, cheeses, butter, rolls, and so forth.  I did take care to watch my portions.  I didn’t walk away from the table feeling stuffed.  Full, yes.  But not stuffed.  I also had some dessert.  Again, I tried to make sure I didn’t go overboard.  Was I successful?  I really don’t know.  I didn’t feel terrible about myself, though.  And if I happen to see an increase in weight on Monday, so be it.  I’ll get passed that and move on.  The goal is still the same.  The path hasn’t changed.  I may have stopped for a momentary break, but I’m on the road again and feeling fine.

The message is this; there will be times when you won’t be staying on the path 100%.  And that’s okay.  It’s nothing to beat yourself up about.  Just get back on the road and keep at it.  Allow yourself a break once in a while, though.  And don’t get down on yourself.  As long as you’re still on the path, you’re doing fine.

In the video, I mention a book called Body for Life.  The author’s name is Bill Phillips.  You can find your own copy here.  There’s also a dedicated web site to the entire training program at  I have found the program and mindset behind the program to be very compatible with my lifestyle and way of thinking.  The workouts are geared to be about 35 minutes long, which works great for me and my schedule.  But the big thing that makes me bringing it up relevant is the built-in option to allow yourself to eat whatever you want.  I will be using this as a guide once I am at my lifetime maintenance stage.  The thing is, the meal plan that’s a part of the body for life program allows you to have a “cheat day”.  It’s not called that, though.  It’s one day out of the week where you can eat whatever you want, without worries about if you’re going off the plan.  The thought is if you deny yourself the things you like, which you have been programmed to believe are bad for you, it’s a program for failure.  You’ll eventually cave and take in more than you should.  Which leads to guilt and feelings of failure and ultimately keeps you from moving on.  But if you make room for those things, you don’t get the feeling that you’re denying yourself anything.  And you’re less likely to fall into the failure trap.

Does any of that make sense at all?

At any rate, there’s one other thing I wanted to comment about.  Yesterday I learned that I have been an inspiration to others who are also on this journey to get healthy.  I was grateful to learn that I was helping others in their quest.  That’s the secondary reason why I post this blog (the first being simply a way for me to document my own progress).  If I can help even just one other person on their path to feel inspired and see that it’s possible to be successful at this, then I feel my efforts to make these videos has been worth it.

Well, my fingers are pretty cold now, so I’m going to stop typing.  Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions about anything I have done or said at this point.  And thanks!


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