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The Great Cycle Challenge of 2017 – Riding For Moriah

What is The Great Cycle Challenge?

June is the month for the Great Cycle Challenge. Last year, with the help of many generous donations, I raised $500.00 to help fight kid’s cancer. My goal is the same this year, with the intention to do my part and ride 300 miles or more on my bicycles.

The Great Cycle Challenge started in 2015, and after just 2 years the event has grown to become one of the biggest cycling events in the United States.

People of all ages, abilities and from every state across the country set themselves a personal riding goal. We challenge ourselves to pedal throughout the month of June to fight kids’ cancer.

In 2 years, the participating community of 39,284 riders from all 50 states have ridden a total of 3,397,199 miles.  That’s 4% of the distance from Earth to the Sun! Furthermore, together we’ve raised $4,717,515 in support of research to develop better treatments and find a cure for childhood cancer!

Why? Because over 15,700 American children are diagnosed with cancer every year, and sadly, 38 children die every week.

As a community, we’re riding to give these kids the brighter futures they deserve.  I may be only one person, but I want to do my part to help. I’m not a doctor or researcher, but I am a cyclist. This is one way I can use my sport to help others get healthy.

Riding For Moriah

For 2017, I can no longer say that childhood cancer has not touched the life of someone I am related to, either through marriage or blood. This year I am riding on behalf of a family member who was recently diagnosed with Burkitt’s Leukemia. She is the daughter of my wife’s cousin, and her name is Moriah.

Moriah is the daughter of Kristine and Brian Anderson and is one of 12 children. She loves God, her family, mountains and being outdoors. This active young lady is an outdoorsy type and loves to camp and mingle with nature. God has also blessed her with a creative spirit and she has an affinity for crafty things. By the same token, she loves music and plays both the piano and the violin. Furthermore she enjoys an active lifestyle; her sport of choice being figure skating. Moriah is a beautiful daughter of God, full of sweetness and spunk!

The past few weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions and tests of faith for Moriah and her family. As with many children who are battling this horrendous disease, she is a brave fighter and working hard through everything to get healthy.

Burkitt’s Leukemia is a rare, fast-growing type of leukemia (blood cancer) in which too many white blood cells called B lymphocytes form in the blood and bone marrow.

How We Can Help

It is tough for me to watch all of this from a distance. I want to help, and be there for this wonderful family. They have put their faith in their Heavenly Father to pull their daughter/sister through and make her well again. I feel the best thing I can do is just do what I have grown to love in my own life, and ride my bikes. So I will do that. This year, my ride is for Moriah. And I hope you will consider helping with whatever donation you feel you can afford. Just click on the Donate button on my profile.

Brian Schade Great Cycle Challenge Profile
Click here to see my profile on the Great Cycle Challenge web site.

If you prefer, you can make your donation directly to me, and I will submit it on your behalf (I will need your email address for this option so you will get the receipt and tax deduction form). Any and all donations will be received with thanks giving and appreciation.


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  1. I mentioned this in a recent post, but the capital region is one of the few places where you can actually ride from urban to rural. The trails are quite well used too.

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